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The Battle for Merger: 12x Audio Files (English, Chinese, Malay)
Published on : 9 Oct 2014

The Battle for Merger – Book and Exhibition

The year was 1961. 
Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew gave a series of 12 radio talks in English, Malay and Mandarin.
These radio talks were intended to highlight to the Singaporean public that merger with Malaya
was crucial for Singapore’s survival as a fledgling state. The radio talks had also another crucial
objective: to expose the threat of the Communists and their attempts to derail merger. 
It was a battle with the Communists for the hearts and minds of the people of Singapore.
At stake: the future of Singapore’s happiness, prosperity and progress. 

The fascinating transcripts of the radio talks and more can be found in the recently launched reprint
of The Battle For Merger – now with new material, including a message from Mr Lee Kuan Yew,
a historical background to the events described in the radio talks, guide to the key players and
audio recordings of the radio talks in a DVD.

12x Audio Files (English, Chinese & Malay)

12x Audio Files (English, Chinese & Malay)

Download them in 12 individual MP3 format here:


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