Friday, 6 May 2011

GE2011: Solving PAP vs Nicole Dilemma

Target Audience: MParade voters

Reality: NSP's battle vs PAP in MParade is pretty clear to many of us who choose to be sensible, PAP is simply too strong for NSP to beat them. As such, a realistic assumption here is that MParade will go to the PAP.

With that uncertainty out of the way. Votes still matter, because Nicole/Cheo still have the 2nd chance to break into the parliament if NSP can garnered sufficient votes relative to the other GRCs/SMCs. It is plain stupidity/egoistic to choose either IN (as an MP) or OUT (as a bystander on the street) - just look at what Sylvia has achieved for the Opposition as a NCMP 2006-2011, she may well be a MP this time round.
  • Case 1. There is no dilemma for diehard pro-PAP voters, their choice is naturally PAP,
  • Case 2. There is also no dilemma for diehard anti-PAP or pro-Opposition voters, their choice would be NSP,
  • Case 3. Those who are neutral or couldn't-care less or anti-both camps would likely spoil their votes,
  • Case 4. There exist a dilemma for MParade voters who are pro PAP but they like Nicole's performance so far.
Proposed solution to Case 4 dilemma: Since the total number of votes in MParade will largely goes to the PAP, those who are pro-PAP but wants to give Nicole a chance in the parliament by voting for them, so that they stand a chance as an NCMP.

A visualisation of the above analysis and solution to case 4 dilemma in a 2x2 quadrant is as follows:
For those voters belonging to case 4, we now have the best of both worlds,
(a) GCT & team get to stay put and served as our MPs for MParade GRC, and
(b) Nicole gets into the Parliament in 2011 as a NCMP*, and with 5 years of parliamentary experience; to have a higher chance of being a MP (SMC or GRC) come GE2016.

For all your consideration. Q.E.D.

* GMS, choose Cheo if you want a mega outcry

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