Thursday, 28 April 2011

Investigation into "Robert Ho alleges that Lee Kuan Yew rigged 1963 Elections"

This is a review of a 2009 allegation regarding the above topic. 

1. Below is a screen snapshot of the original posting

The text is as follows:
"Robert Ho alleges that Lee Kuan Yew  rigged 1963  Elections

In the 1963 GE, LIE KY cheated again. The Barisan was leading by a landslide in the counting, in 30 constituencies out of the 50. Then, PM LIE KY caused an electricity ‘blackout’ around the City Hall counting centre, ordered everyone out, and changed the votes. After 6 hours, when electricity was ‘restored’, LIE ‘won’ by a landslide. Go to the National Library and check the microfilms of all the Chinese and English newspapers then..."

2. I have followed up with Robert's suggestion to check out the microfilms in the National Library and found one article published in The Straits Times, 15 June 1963, Page 22.

The pdf of the document can be downloaded from here

3. One might ask, who is "Robert Ho"? There was a detailed interview with Robert Ho and the transcript can be found here

4. The above transcript further points us to a weblink that is supposed to include quite a few web postings by Robert, 

5. During my due diligence, I came across a website that also archive some 1963 happenings (to be verified)

6. If you know of any other microfilm that covers 1963 + Election + Black out, feel free to point me to the source and I'll verify and update it here accordingly - let's leave no stone (white or black) unturned.

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